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Most Excellent Companion Frederick Gordon Donaldson

Most Excellent Grand High Priest 2016 - 2017

Frederick Donaldson MEGHPMost Excellent Companion Donaldson was born in Montreal, Québec. He attended Sir Arthur Currie School, Montreal West High School, Dawson College CEGEP and Loyola College.

Following 3 years in the Artillery Reserves, he joined the regular force in 1971 under the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) at Loyola College, graduating in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science and degree from Université de Montréal.

After graduation, he was posted to Halifax, serving in both Operations and Logistics in the Navy. Upon leaving the Regular Force in 1978 he worked in Fleet Logistics of the Canadian Coast Guard, and later the Public Service Commission of Canada. In 1985 Most Excellent Companion Donaldson obtained a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Dalhousie University. He was employed by Industry Canada until his retirement from the Public Service of Canada in 2008.

Most Excellent Companion Donaldson remained active in the Militia following his departure from the regular force, serving in the Princess Louise Fusiliers, and later transferred to 33 Service Battalion where he was promoted to Major in 1994. A secondment to the position of Senior Staff Officer, Logistics Planning in Land Force Atlantic Area HQ included a deployment to Bosnia for a six-month assignment as Senior Logistics Advisor (G4) of the Stabilization Force in the former Yugoslavia in 1999.

He assumed command of 33 Service Battalion the Battalion on 3rd May 2003 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and later was instructor of the Army Operations Course at Canadian Land Staff Command and Staff College, and later Nova Scotia Liaison Officer with the Canadian Forces Liaison Council; retiring from the Canadian Forces in 2012.

He has been involved in the Financial Management Institute of Canada since 1989. He was elected President of the Halifax Chapter in 1994 and was the Director of Liaison for Eastern Canada from 2001 to 2005. He is currently President for the chapter for the fourth time.

Masonic Resume

Most Excellent Companion Donaldson was initiated into Prince Consort Lodge No.52 Grand Registry of Quebec on 27th February 1973, Passed on 19th April and Raised 9th October of the same year.

He was Exalted in Royal Union Chapter No.1 on Exalted on 22nd October 1977 and elected High Priest in 1981. He has served as Grand Captain of the Host and as District Grand Superintendant District No.1 from 1998 – 1990.

In 1980 joined Chebucto Council No.3 of Royal and Select Masters and elected to Thrice Illustrious Master in 1989 and again in 2007. He was the Grand Inspector for Nova Scotia 2011-12.

In 1995 he was Preceptor of Antiquity Preceptory No.5, Knights Templar, Sovereign Great Priory of Canada, and Provincial Grand Prior for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island 2008-09. He is currently the Grand Masters Standard Bearer.

 He became a member of the Nova Scotia York Rite College No. 132 in 1988 and currently holds the office of Herald.

He was invited to the Eastern Canada Priory No 19, Knights of the York Cross of Honour in 2000 where currently holds the office of the Prior.

He was Enthroned Sovereign of Royal Edward Conclave No.8, Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada in 2009, and is currently the Intendant General, Atlantic Division.

He affiliated with Royal Standard Lodge No. 398 UGLE on 11th December 1990 and served the office of Master for 1996 and 1997.

Most ExcellentI Companion Donaldson has resided in the Halifax Region since 1975 with his wife Delia, and they have three children: Diana who is currently in Vancouver; Alexander currently in Montreal; and Jennifer in Quebec City.

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